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The difference between elbow and bend
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The most basic difference of them is the elbow relatively short than bend,R = 1D to 2 D is elbow,More than 2D is bend. In the production process , cold bends can use Bending Machine to bend.by ready-made straight bend ,One-time completed also don't need second corrosion,But elbow need manufacturers make to order, to do anti-corrosion, order cycle is long.elbow price is higher than bend.but cost performance is much higher than bend. It is well-known that bend do not have anticorrosive processing is easy damaged, but the price is cheap so are  used very much in some demand which not very high engineering.


For example:now west-east gas transmission project use the pipe is 1016 X17. 5,Design requirements that when angle is less than 11 degrees with hot heat elbow which tube bending more than 11 degrees,In the west-east gas transmission of course, cold bends cost is low. elbow need manufacturers make to order, needs corrosion, order cycle is long,but cold bends can use ready-made straight bend by Bending Machine to bend.one-time completed also don't need second corrosion.

The cold bend construction technology need follow oil standard .west-east gas transmission have the enterprise standard,but we can use either elbow nor bend in open area.


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